Me Is We

a new paradigm for community

“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller


Me Is We Is a Social Impact Organization designed to shift the paradigm of social support by building the Me Is We Community Village in Belize with input from the most successful Global Humanitarian Organizations and Initiatives.This revolutionary Community Village will be Eco-regenerative, Self Sustainable, Collaborative and Conscious; and designed to not only heal trauma, but ignite and empower human potential.

We work hand in hand with our sister organization, the Menzies Philanthropic Foundation, to support their aid for the current Orphanages in Belize. We also share their goals of supporting at-risk families, not only preventing the need for children to enter the system, but to transition them back into a stable family unit as soon as possible if they are currently in the system.

The Me Is We Community Village is envisioned to be a powerful collaboration between the two organizations, bringing the most effective social, educational, and guidance programs together with eco-regenerative development, communal living, sustainable growing, and governance practices. Our goal is to create the ideal model as a possible solution to end the cycle of generational poverty, crime, neglect, and abuse throughout impoverished countries across the globe.

Me Is We works in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors to create and implement regenerative systems for our communities, while ensuring that our entire organization is fiscally regenerative and self-sustaining by donating 80% of all profits derived from our business and Joint Ventures back into our social impact endeavors.


Right now, millions of children around the world are separated from their families, living in institutions or on the streets. Many survive with substandard care, unloved and at risk – all of them dreaming of a better life. In the worst cases, the orphanage environments expose children to devastating abuse and psychological trauma, creating adults who are 10x more likely to become sex workers and 50x more likely to be in prison.



We are in the midst of a profound paradigm shift. Efforts are being made to support families before separation occurs, reform orphanages and reunite families where preventable separation has occurred. 

The global movement has begun and Me is We is spearheading the solution in Belize and partnering with organizations worldwide to end the cycle of childhood trauma and homelessness.


To build a thriving and sustainable eco-community that focuses on healing, helping, and growing healthy families by providing financial, emotional and communal support to orphaned children and struggling families.  We believe we can create a healthier collective and a more sustainable future.

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.
History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” 
Nelson Mandela

Me Is We is excited to invite you to join our vision by donating to our ultimate goal, The Me Is We Community Village, as we design and create the first completely protected, eco-regenerative conscious community that will not only provide a safe haven for orphans and vulnerable families but will heal trauma and provide the education and support to become purposeful, self-actualized happy humans!

As Me is We works hand in hand with our sister organization, The Menzies Philanthropic Foundation in their goal of improving the lives of orphans and at-risk families in Belize; we also invite you to join our contributions to the Menzies Mission which provides support based on the Shirley Menzies 7 Basic Needs, (housing, health, education, nutrition, family, faith, and love).

In addition to your financial contributions, we need volunteers with passion, purpose, and a true desire to make an impact, to actualize this vision, and we invite You to the Mission!

Make A Core Donation

Your one time donation will help a child to thrive.

Be A Heartbeat Contributor

There is no more powerful way to support the children we serve than by becoming a monthly contributor.  Your charitable giving month after month keeps us going.

Join Me Is We Village

Help us turn our Ultimate Vision into a Reality… by donating to the“ Me Is We Family  Village”. Your participation in this Groundbreaking Model will Shift the Way we as a Society Support our Weakest!

Become A Legacy Partner

Legacy Partners commit to three years of high-level giving. They are changemakers, addressing the orphan crisis head on by providing safe, permanent, and loving homes for children.

Become A Volunteer

Make an impact in the world by volunteering with Me is We.  as we birth holistic, regenerative solutions to eradicate childhood trauma and homelessness while building a new paradigm for community. 


Healing childhood and generational trauma through conscious community


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